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We are specialised in short and long term lettings in Studios in London.

There are many discount options if you are looking for a studio flat or apartment for a short or long stay for a very high standard.

We have many studios and options in Central or outer London all within distance of a tube or bus ride and close to shops and amenities.

Flat-Shares are one of the most economical ways to stay in London from on week to six months. You can have your own private lockable room, with access to a shared bathroom and shared kitchen or share a room with one or two friends or travelling companions.

Cheaper than a hostel and you only share the facilities with a few persons! Compare the prices over one week and see how much you can save, the value is unbeatable! All our flat-shares are located North London, in Zone 2 & 3 on the Piccadilly tube line (Arsenal, Finsbury Park, Manor House, Turnpike Lane). All are within easy access to London’s tourist attractions.

Close to transport options, shopping centres, parks and recreational facilities. The flats are newly built or refurbished and of a very high standard.Your rent can be paid weekly (for longer term stays) and includes all bills and taxes. As part of your booking we can arrange for one of our area managers to pick you up from the station when you arrive. This service is available between certain times - ask for details.


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